Who We Are

We are a team of lawyers, HR professionals and workplace specialists devoted to creating psychologically safe and respectful workplaces.

We transform workplaces to ensure that they are positive, productive and free from destructive conflict.

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Lauren Bernardi

Ruben Goulart

Alison Renton

Natasha Savoline

Asha Rampersad

Brian Gottheil

Suhaib Ibrahim

Maryanne Valerio

Sreya Roy

Patrick Fradley-Davis

Marni Johnson

Jeanette Schepp

Jane Kilpatrick

Elisabeth Folk

Becky Seath

Lisa Croft

Maggie Towle

Nancy Padacz

Nisha Hundal

Yasmin Riad


Nice things people have said about us (yes our mothers are proud):

“An excellent training experience, superbly presented.”
“Great presenter and presentation. Very informative and interactive. Kept things interesting relating information to “real life” stories.”
“Very useful information that I can implement. Tools and materials were easy to follow. Excellent trainer!”
“This was a great session. I’ve learned a lot and gained valuable insight into how to conduct investigations.”
“Very well done. I enjoyed the content and appreciated the templates. I also think the video of the interview was well done and very helpful (one of the best mock interviews I have seen).”
“Ruben, a true professional, has the ability to combine extensive experience, broad legal knowledge, intellectual savvy, courtesy and sincerity, which makes it an absolute pleasure to work with him.”
“I’ve consulted with Ruben many times over the years for advice, insights and recommendations. His in-depth understanding of all aspects of labour law is unmatched, and his ability to simplify and explain complex concepts is remarkable. Ruben is a gifted communicator and relationship-builder, and a valued expert that our team will continue relying on.”
“Ruben and his team are phenomenal legal and strategic partners. Their team demonstrates a high level of business acumen, compassion and proactive partnership.”
“Bernardi has given our management team the confidence we need to maintain a current and professional human resources program. When issues or questions arise, they are readily available and have the answers – and they always take time to carefully explain all of our options and outcomes.”

Who we help

We work with organizations of all sizes and types including:

  • airlines
  • associations
  • automotive dealerships and repair centres
  • banks and financial institutions
  • Canadian and U.S. law firms
  • Day care centres and independent schools
  • engineering firms
  • emergency services including police, fire and paramedics
  • food producers
  • funeral homes
  • golf clubs
  • health care organizations including hospitals, medical and dental offices
  • manufacturers
  • moving companies
  • municipalities and municipal councils
  • non-profit organizations
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • placement agencies
  • professional service firms
  • public sector organizations
  • retailers
  • school boards
  • supply chain companies
  • IT companies
  • trucking and busing companies
  • universities