The Back Story

Albert was destined to be a lawyer.  At the age of 4, he would run around the house proclaiming to his grandmother that he was going to be a lawyer.  Whether this was parental brainwashing or a pre-determined vocation, it became a self-fulfilling prophecy.  
Perhaps, then, it is not a coincidence that the first movie Albert saw (no, not The Godfather) was The Paper Chase.  The portrayal a young law student was both inspiring and intimidating to Albert although if he’s honest it was more intimidating than inspiring.

Albert’s upbringing shaped his outlook as a person and as a lawyer.  His father, a self-employed truck driver, and his mother, a factory worker, instilled in Albert the value of hard work, and the drive for self-achievement, as the bedrock for success.  Ambition, compassion and humility have helped Albert appreciate and understand the relationships inherent in business and in the workplace.

Although initially practicing in Toronto, since 1994, Albert worked in Mississauga at general practice firms.  Although he initially practiced commercial litigation, as time went on he found himself developing a greater interest in employment law.  In light of his upbringing, it became a natural transformation from the battles on behalf of businesses in the commercial litigation context, to becoming a passionate and fearless litigator in workplace disputes. 

Less abstract than the conflicts between companies, employment law encompasses the core of an individual’s life, which attracted Albert to this area of law – family, identity, vocation and achievement.  After a couple of successful wrongful dismissal trials, Albert was hooked and he now loves devoting his career to employment law with a firm that does nothing but.