The Back Story

Pamela originally started out as a civil engineer, but found herself more intrigued by the various personalities, issues and conflicts of the people building bridges, than the bridges themselves. Creating complex spreadsheets and autoCAD drawings is an impersonal endeavour and she quickly realized that she needed to work with people, not structures.

Pamela started her legal career practicing civil litigation in Toronto. Although she had many interesting cases and gained excellent litigation experience, there was something missing. The “people” quotient in her practice was low. After an employment law file crossed her desk she realized this was the career path she had been seeking. Not only was the work fascinating, it was meaningful.

Pamela joined Bernardi Human Resource Law in 2012. Her practice is devoted to all sides of workplace issues: investigations, training programs, litigation, negotiation and practical advice.

Ultimately Pamela’s destiny was not constructing steel and concrete bridges, but building bridges between people.