The Back Story

Rachel’s family claims they always knew she was going to be a lawyer, largely because she often refused to change out of her business suit as a child. Her legal career was also foreshadowed by the fact that she never, ever let her sisters win an argument…and still doesn’t.

Rachel has always been interested in workplace issues and the law. This probably stemmed from the dinner conversations between her mother, a union executive, and her father, a small business owner.  Throughout her childhood, Rachel took every career day opportunity to shadow her mother at work, and she loved advising her father on “important business decisions”.

When Rachel entered law school, she focused on gaining as much HR law experience as possible.  Most notably, she had the rewarding experience of working at a legal clinic for eight months, where she was exposed to cases involving wrongful dismissal, employment standards claims, human rights and WSIB.

Rachel feels very fortunate to have had an incredible articling experience at the Ministry of Labour and the Ontario Labour Relations Board. In this position, she had the opportunity to demonstrate and develop her advocacy skills, legal knowledge, and commitment to employment and labour law.

Rachel joined the firm in 2013, and is very excited to devote her practice to all areas of human resource law.