For most of us, work is a fundamental part of who we are. Given that we spend more time working than playing, we want our jobs to be challenging, stimulating and rewarding...although sometimes we’d be happy if they were just tolerable.

We can’t make your boss nicer, your coworkers more interesting, or your commute shorter. But we can help you with the employment law challenges you may face during your career.




Got a job offer and need to negotiate it?
We can help you negotiate an employment agreement that protects you now, and when your employment ends.

Lost your job (or about to)?
We can negotiate a fair severance package so you can transition to your next career adventure.

Is your job (or your employer) changing around you?
We can help assess what this means.  Is it a constructive dismissal?  Do you need some help with strategy for the future?  We can help you find a way out (or back in).

Seeking accommodation?
If you are on sick leave or need accommodation for a physical disability, learning disability or mental health issue we can explain your rights in clear terms, and help negotiate an accommodation plan that works for you.

Being bullied, harassed or discriminated against?
We can support and advise you on filing an internal complaint...or help you work on an exit strategy if it’s time to move on.

Accused of harassment?
We can help you defend yourself against complaints of harassment in the workplace…because there’s always another side to the story.

Facing a claim from your former employer?
We can defend you if your former employer comes after you for non-competition provisions and fiduciary duties.