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Our training programs help to create psychologically safe workplaces.


Preparation is the Best Medicine: Pandemic Planning and HR Law (HRPA Annual Conference)

COVID-19 changed the world. With public health requirements for physical distancing, an abrupt economic slowdown, and many organizations required to close or severely reduce their operations, the employment landscape has changed immeasurably. Working from home became not the exception but the norm, occupational health and safety took on new and pressing urgency, and businesses explored […]


Virtual Reality: Managing a Remote Workplace (HRPA Annual Conference)

Being forced to set up a remote workplace amid the COVID-19 pandemic caused many employers and employees to realize that it is possible. From video calls to remote logins to programs like Microsoft Teams, we figured it out quickly. Now that we know we can do it, many organizations will want to continue this trend. […]


Conducting Trauma Informed Investigation Interviews (HRPA Annual Conference)

Effective investigators recognize the signs of trauma and understand how it affects complainants, respondents, and witnesses. Trauma, including violence and harassment, impacts memory, perception, and the ability to recount specific details.  Without a proper understanding of the impact of trauma and how to interview those who have experienced it, you may cause further harm to […]


Mobbing: How Groups Bully and How to Prevent it (HRPA Annual Conference)

Group bullying – or mobbing – in the workplace is on the rise. Mobbing is a campaign of harassment by a group to force the target out of the workplace using various tactics. Mobbing takes a significant toll on the psychological well-being of targets and a staggering toll on the workplace itself, becoming a toxic […]


“I Don’t See Colour” and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves About Unconscious Bias of All Kinds (HRPA Annual Conference – Student Success Forum)

This engaging session illustrates how we all make unconscious judgements about people including about their gender, race and culture. Through a variety of interactive examples, we will identify patterns in how we evaluate others and understand how unconscious bias affects decision-making in recruitment, people development and leadership. We will also identify how unconscious bias leads […]


Standing Up, Not Standing By: Implementing a Successful Bystander Anti-Harassment Program (HRPA Annual Conference)

Traditional respect training isn’t working. Despite widespread anti-harassment training, workplace harassment continues to be a significant issue in Canadian workplaces. However, one emerging, research-supported strategy has the potential to transform workplaces: bystander intervention. Bystander intervention starts from the premise that everyone has a role to play in reducing harassment. Employees are educated not from the […]