HR Law Services

HR law is a moving target, from changing case law to changing legislation, to changing employee expectations. It’s hard to keep up.

We keep on top of the law so that you don’t have to.

We guide you through the complexities of workplace law, keep you out of legal hot water and help you maximize employee productivity.

Below are the many ways we can help you manage your HR legal issues.

Sometimes you have to fight. Not just to resolve your current battle but to prevent future ones as well. We are not afraid of litigation.  We have a tremendous amount of real world litigation experience, both at the trial and appellate level and use it to benefit our clients.

We do the heavy lifting required in today’s litigation environment to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Here’s a sampling of our litigation experience:

  • wrongful dismissal litigation
  • human rights complaints
  • proceedings before the Ontario Labour Relations Board
  • grievance arbitrations, mediation and mediation-arbitration
  • breach of non-solicitation covenants, non-disclosure agreements, and fiduciary duties
  • injunctions
  • judicial review applications
  • summary judgment motions
  • appellate advocacy

As the saying goes, “a good offence is the best defence”. We work with you to minimize the risk of legal liability through proactive measures and due diligence strategies. That way you can focus on the needs of your organization without the distraction of legal disputes.

We have tremendous experience helping our clients implement the tools and structure essential to strong HR management. This helps achieve greater organizational harmony and productivity. It also translates into reduced legal bills on avoidable matters (bet you didn’t expect to see that on a lawyers’ website).

Here’s how we can help you with risk management:

  • Employment Standards Act audits
  • employment agreements
  • navigating challenging employment standards matters such as vacation pay, overtime, pregnancy and parental leaves
  • policy drafting and implementation
  • non-competition, non-solicitation, confidentiality and social media policies and agreements

We act for public and private sector employers in their relationships with their unions.  And a relationship it is.  If you already have a union, you understand that this means managing and developing this relationship in all of its complex facets. If you wish not to have a union, you understand that this means implementing strategies to maintain a structured and harmonious workplace. Either way, we can help.

Our services include:

  • grievance arbitration
  • Ontario Labour Relations Board applications and complaints
  • management training
  • risk management and planning

Dealing with human rights issues in the workplace can be one of the trickiest and most daunting parts of managing employees; no organization wants to be faced with a human rights complaint.

Balancing human rights in the workplace is about the law, your organizational needs, and the diverse and sometimes competing needs of your employees. We get that. And we provide our advice based on all of these considerations.

Here’s how we help:

  • accommodation and return to work plans
  • harassment investigations, for more information on our investigation services, click here
  • due diligence and prevention strategies
  • policy development and implementation
  • diversity management
  • respect in the workplace awareness training, for more information on our training services, click here
  • one-on-one sensitivity training
  • managing addiction and wellness issues
  • mental health awareness training, for more information on our mental health services, click here
  • mediating human rights complaints
  • disability management and accommodation issues
  • designing attendance management programs

Because of our philosophy, experience, and connection with workplaces, we look beyond the law. This is who we are and it’s what sets us apart.

What does this mean? It means we work in partnership with your management team to develop and implement HR processes, policies and strategies that protect your bottom line and keep your operations running smoothly. After all, Lauren literally wrote the  book on employment policies.

Privacy and data protection has increasingly become an important consideration for organizations of all sized and types. Privacy protections are expanding, use of technology creates new and emerging considerations and employees are increasingly concerned about protecting their privacy.

That’s where we come in. We can assist you with employment-related privacy issues including:

  • developing employment policies and workplace privacy procedures
  • policies and best practices regarding computer use
  • employee expectations of privacy, workplace searches and investigations
  • protection and use of employee health information
  • providing opinions regarding the application of federal and provincial privacy legislation
  • risk management related to the protection, collection and use of personal information in the context of employment

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