Investigations aren’t about the law. They aren’t about people. They are about both.

Workplace investigations are challenging. They require an understanding of so many different things:

  • What due process means in the context of an investigation
  • The law: the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Bill 168) and the common law
  • Evidence: hearsay, similar fact evidence, credibility and character evidence
  • Cognitive psychology: challenges with memory, confirmatory and other forms of bias, peer effects, and the impact of question styles on answers
  • Emotional abuse and the psychology of workplace harassment and bullying
  • Detecting deception: body language and statement analysis; and
  • Effective interviewing techniques

More than anything though, investigations require the ability to truly listen and understand the issues. And that’s what we do.

At Bernardi Human Resource Law we work hard to achieve the right outcome and the optimal solution. We are strong advocates for positive and respectful workplaces, and our investigations and remedial follow up work are fuelled by this passion.

We act as both external investigators and as coaches for employers during internal investigations to provide guidance at each step of the process.

Areas covered:

  • Discriminatory harassment including harassment based on race, religion, sex, sexual and gender orientation, age and disability
  • Workplace bullying
  • Sensitivity training
  • Respect and positive workplace training; and
  • Rebuilding dysfunctional teams