Commercial Transactions and People

One thing is absolutely certain in today’s workplace.  Change. 
Companies are bought.  They are sold. They are amalgamated.  And sometimes they go bankrupt.

HR planning is critical to successfully managing  corporate change.  Commercial transactions (whether share or asset transfers) are about people.  Corporate deals that do not take people issues into account are bound to fail.  Pretty bold statement, we know, but we really believe that this is true.

It is for this reason we like to be involved early, often hand in hand with the commercial advisors and lawyers who traditionally serve as leads on deals.

So here’s what we do:

  • We help our employer clients assess risk, including due diligence assessment
  • We help purchasers or vendors (or their commercial lawyers) plan for the integration of employees
  • We act for affected senior managers, so that they understand what the transaction means to them
  • We draft and interpret employment, non-competition, and change of control agreements
  • We have special expertise in distilling the HR issues in the context of insolvencies, such as receiverships and bankruptcies.