Human Rights

Dealing with human rights issues in the workplace can be one of the trickiest and most daunting parts of managing employees; no organization wants to be faced with a human rights complaint.

Balancing human rights in the workplace is about the law, your organizational needs, and the diverse and sometimes competing needs of your employees. We get that. And we provide our advice based on all of these considerations.

We understand that at the root of all human rights issues is respecting individual differences and valuing individual needs. Although human rights may be complex, it does not need to be intimidating. Here’s how we help:

  • accommodation and return to work plans that work
  • internal harassment complaint investigations (for more information on our investigation services, click here)
  • due diligence and prevention strategies
  • policy development and implementation
  • diversity management
  • respect in the workplace awareness training (for more information on our training services, click here)
  • one-on-one sensitivity training
  • managing addiction and wellness issues
  • mental health awareness training (for more information on our mental health services, click here)