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Eichelle Archer

Legal Assistant

PhilosophyIn a word: Collaborative

“You have two hands: One to help yourself, the second to help others” Audrey Hepburn

Eichelle believes success can best be measured by being of service in a collaborative and meaningful way. She is particularly passionate about equity, inclusion and belonging which has informed her approach to her life and career. She currently volunteers on the equity and inclusion committee at her daughter’s school. This is an educator and parent community group which seeks to collaborate in creating a place to share, discuss and find meaningful ways to recognize and celebrate diversity. Participating in this community makes me hopeful that actively approaching these important conversations will begin fostering inclusive environments for our children.

Paralegal diploma Herzing College, 2011 Cum laude, licensed paralegal since 2012
Human Resource Management Certificate, Ryerson University 2001
Labour Relations Masters, Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa 1996
Labour Relations National Diploma, Witwatersrand Technikon, South Africa 1994

An interesting tidbit

Eichelle enjoys discovering new foods especially while travelling and has an extensive bucket list of travel destinations. In the meantime, Eichelle meditates and does yoga to remain centered and positive.


Eichelle was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, a mining town known as the City of Gold. Over time, Eichelle came to realize that few employees in her community understood their legal rights. Guided by Nelson Mandela’s words: “knowledge is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”, Eichelle used her labour relations education to raise awareness of workplace rights and make a positive difference in her community.

After moving to Canada in 1997, Eichelle obtained her human resources management certificate. Drawn to both HR and the law, Eichelle became a licensed paralegal in 2012 where she helped individuals with their employment, WSIB, human rights and housing matters. Her primary motivation was to help marginalized individuals. Most recently, Eichelle has spent the last decade as a senior legal assistant in employment law.



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