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Mathew Rago

Lawyer & HR Advisor


    • Employment law and human rights
    • Representing employers and employees
    • Negotiating employment agreements and severance packages
    • Workplace investigations
    • HR advisory services
    • Conflict resolution

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PhilosophyIn a word: collaboration

Mathew harnesses the power of collaboration to achieve strong outcomes for all parties. Whether during litigation or when resolving workplace conflict, Mathew knows that when a person feels included they are more motivated to participate in a resolution.

B.A. Law and Society: York University, LL.B. University of Sussex in Brighton, United Kingdom, Practicing Law in Ontario since 2018


Mathew represents both sides to workplace issues – employers and employees. This gives him the advantage of fully appreciating the perspectives of both sides of workplace issues. He “gets it”.

Mathew has used his knowledge to successfully advocate for clients at court, grievance mediations and arbitrations, and before administrative tribunals. He has also appeared before the Ontario Labour Relations Board and the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.


Growing up, Mathew was repeatedly told he would make a great lawyer, usually when he was passionately arguing his case.

Even when he was young he gravitated to TV shows and movies about law and lawyers and imagined himself using that now classic line: “You can’t handle the truth!” It was always his dream to eliminate injustice and fight for what he thought was right.

An interesting tidbit

Mathew is a huge foodie. His backup plan if he didn’t get into law school was to open a pizzeria (he loves a thin crust with just the right amount of sauce). Although he no longer needs it as his backup plan, it may well be his retirement plan.



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