Misha Munim

Lawyer & HR Advisor


  • Human rights investigations
  • Anti-racism training and workshops
  • Anti-oppression training and workshops on topics such as intersectionality, unconscious bias, Critical Race Theory, systemic discrimination, and inclusion.
  • Human rights law training under the Ontario Human Rights Code; the Canadian Human Rights Act; and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Creating inclusive, harassment and discrimination-free workplaces
  • Provincial, federal, and international human rights law

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PhilosophyIn a word: empowerment

Misha wears two hats at Bernardi: she’s a human rights trainer and investigator. When training, Misha believes in empowering clients with knowledge about the human rights laws and principles that govern them–whether provincial, federal, or international. When conducting investigations, Misha synthesizes findings clearly and empowers clients with tailored recommendations for their needs. Her core value is fairness: for all parties to have their voices heard. Misha believes in fostering inclusive workplaces where all employees can feel great about their work and about working together.

B.A. (Hon) Political Science and Women and Gender Studies: University of Toronto, Dual Juris Doctor/Master of Arts (J.D./M.A.) in International Affairs – University of Ottawa Faculty of Law and Norman Paterson School of International Affairs: Carleton University, practicing since 2018


Misha’s anti-oppression training has been described as “fabulous” and “empowering.” Along with sharp legal writing and presentation skills, Misha has a strong background in human rights law. She articled at the Human Rights Law Section at the Department of Justice, where she specialized in providing strategic advice under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. She’s also consulted for Lawyers for Human Rights in Cape Town, South Africa, where she worked on anti-hate issues and supported investigations of gender-based crimes. As a Human Rights Officer for the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Misha spearheaded a special project on race discrimination.


Misha spent the first half of her life in Dubai, UAE. Despite loving her childhood hometown, she often observed rights disparities amongst its residents. From a tender age, she had a strong desire to see equality amongst people. After immigrating to Canada, Misha developed a passion for the tools that allow people to achieve equality in our democracy: human rights legislation. She took a deep-dive into learning all things human rights law, and is continuing on that journey today.

An interesting tidbit

Misha loves cricket. While living in Cape Town, South Africa, Misha enjoyed teaching the sport to many young children, and especially young girls, in her community (she hopes that they might one day grow up to be cricket superstars).



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