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Nisha Hundal

Legal Assistant/Training Coordinator

PhilosophyIn a word: Compassion

Nisha is very thankful to be apart of such a great team. She strongly believes in fairness, respect, and compassion. To educate yourself and be that change that you wish to see amongst the world. Mental health is very important to her and over the years has developed an understanding that everyone is fighting or going through challenges and that the smallest gestures and a smile can go a long way. To also have empathy and to open your heart and ears.

Nisha is organized and has an interesting colourful Post it Note system. She also talks to herself which helps her co-workers know exactly what is on her agenda for the day and where in the office to find her.

Court and Tribunal Agent: Sheridan Institute of Advanced Technology

An interesting tidbit

In her teens, Nisha went on a music tour with her high school in which she performed in an Indian dance group and a gamelan (Indonesian) ensemble. The group toured Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy. She loved it all: the delicious food, interesting people and beautiful scenery. It was an amazing and memorable trip.


Growing up, in London, England, Nisha made it her goal to have a positive impact every day, big or small, even if it was just to make someone smile. She acquired this goal from her teachers who were her biggest influence throughout her school years.

Nisha moved to Canada in 2001. She witnessed her first winter storm that year and ever since, winter has been her favourite season.

Nisha is also the calming voice on our voicemail greeting.



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