Yasmin Riad

Junior Clerk

PhilosophyIn a word: Adapt

Yasmin is our “Girl Friday”, lending a hand to support our entire team whenever needed. She is a welcome addition to the firm.

Currently in fourth year at the University of Toronto in the criminology, law and society program, Yasmin’s ultimate goal is to attend law school

An interesting tidbit

Yasmin has successfully memorized the entirety of the first Harry Potter movie. She is working on the other seven.


In her final year of high school Yasmin took a law class simply because she needed a credit. Little did she know that this class would change the direction of her life. She became so interested in the law that she was suddenly sure what she wanted to do for the rest of her life – practice law. Law is about fairness and justice; values that matter deeply to Yasmin.

She is looking forward to the day when she becomes a lawyer and can start helping clients.



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