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Brian Gottheil

Lawyer and Director of Training & Transformation


    • Training for management, human resources and employees
    • Workplace investigations
    • Workplace culture assessments
    • Human rights

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PhilosophyIn a word: Growth

Brian is passionate about promoting respect, collaboration and belonging in workplaces. As director of training and transformation, Brian builds upon his extensive experience as an employment lawyer, workplace investigator, and trainer to keep our training and transformation services ahead of the curve and to achieve our mission of building respectful and inclusive workplaces.

Brian lives by the motto that practical, engaging and participant-centred training allows participants not just to learn but also to immediately translate that learning into job-related skills.

B.A. History and Economics: Queen’s University, J.D. University of Toronto, practicing law since 2010


Brian is an accomplished speaker and trainer. He receives overwhelmingly positive feedback on his facilitation skills (although he, too, is always learning!). One of his favourite comments:  “[this was] the most practical course … I’ve ever taken so far in my career.”

Brian facilitates training on workplace respect, EDI, and bystander interventions to empower all employees to build the workplace culture they want to see. He also trains managers and HR professionals on leadership skills, addressing and preventing workplace harassment, conducting workplace harassment investigations, and transforming toxic team dynamics.

Brian has conducted workplace investigations and culture assessments in various sectors including municipalities, fire services, non-profits, financial services firms, and higher education. He has a particular interest in workplace culture assessments that highlight team relations and help to improve team dynamics.


Brian’s parents are lawyers, and Brian grew up hearing about legal issues around the dinner table. Some of those discussions must have become ingrained, because not only did Brian insist on going to a summer day camp that involved a mock criminal trial, but he also became the first child in camp history to file an appeal. Many years of practicing human resource law and conducting workplace investigations has shown Brian the importance of addressing workplace disrespect and conflict proactively.

An interesting tidbit

Brian is an avid swing dancer, and he can often be found gliding across a sprung wood floor to the jazz music of the 1930s and 40s. Managing an 11-member volunteer board as president of a local swing dance organization gave Brian key insights into the challenges of managing people.



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