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Hazem Mossa

Lawyer & Workplace Investigator


    • Workplace investigations
    • Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives
    • Human rights advice and representation

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PhilosophyIn a word: Inclusive

Hazem believes that an organization’s strength truly lies in its people. His natural curiosity about individuals, their perceptions and their motivations inspires him to listen intently and identify solutions to workplace challenges. He is adept at getting to the root of a problem and identifying creative, workable, and lasting solutions to complex challenges.

Hazem is a passionate advocate for psychologically safe and inclusive workplaces in which people and organizations can thrive.

BA Economics, York University 2015: JD Common Law, Queen’s University 2018
Called to the Ontario Bar, 2019


Hazem’s commitment to social justice led him to volunteer with several community-based organizations including the Ontario Bar Association’s Equality Committee (a member-at-large and secretary). He was also a leader at a community legal clinic where he acted for clients in human rights and employment issues.

As a law student, Hazem organized the teaching assistants from professional programs at Queen’s University and successfully negotiated pay equity with teaching assistants from other departments.


As a child, Hazem learned that the dinosaurs in his favourite movie were actually operated by puppeteers. Although disappointed that they weren’t real dinosaurs, this sparked Hazem’s fascination with peaking behind the curtain to see how the magic is made. It turns out the answer is often simple: people!

Hazem’s curiosity about people and organizations ultimately led him to practice human resource law. Hazem loves learning about different workplaces and how they function. He is passionate about helping create psychologically safe and inclusive workplaces.

An interesting tidbit

Hazem is known among friends as “The Netflix Whisperer”, for his highly personalized binge-watching recommendations. An aficionado of classic sitcoms, he loves Lucy, Raymond and everything in-between.



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