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Five Ways to Boost Employee Engagement This Spring

May 27, 2024

Spring is here! The leaves are getting back their colour. The days are longer and brighter. The winter blues are on their way out. Here are five ways leaders can improve employee engagement with the improving weather.

Check In

Having an open-door policy is a great way to make your workplace feel safe. Assuring your team that conversations about their feedback are confidential helps to show that you value their input. Listen actively without interrupting or judging. Act on that feedback by taking actionable steps to lead to positive changes.

Wellness Wednesdays

Promote health and well-being in your workplace by tailoring ideas that suit your culture and the interests of your employees. Some ideas include offering healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, yogurt and granola bars. Desk exercises can be done throughout the day to stay active. Consider having someone come in to lead your team in a fitness class or meditation as an event. Nature walks are a great way to break up the day and get fresh air and recharge.

Do Some Good

Charitable work and fundraising can be done in different ways, depending on your workplace. Volunteering at a food bank is a great way to help your local community as a group. Fundraising for a charity your team agrees on, either through direct contributions or matching programs, can help motivate everyone to work together for a cause they care about.

Get Social

Connecting outside of work can help your team build cohesion and a positive environment at work. Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries and achievements. Spice things up at a healthy cooking workshop or go to a sporting event to cheer on everyone’s favourite team. Keep in mind these activities should be accessible to everyone involved and be aware of any accommodations that may be necessary.

Invest In your Team

Show your team you value them by investing in their growth. Offering professional development opportunities is a great way to do this. Increase job satisfaction, motivation, and overall engagement by offering a seminar or providing financial help for additional training. Another bonus: continuous learning and development will help your team stay up to date with industry trends, making them more adaptable and resilient.