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Brian Gottheil

Lawyer & HR Advisor


  • Training for management, human resources and employees
  • Workplace investigations
  • Cultural reviews/audits
  • Advising on human resource issues that arise in both unionized and non-union workplaces
  • Human rights
  • Severance package negotiations

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PhilosophyIn a word: Growth

Brian has conducted numerous workplace investigations in both unionized and non-union environments. He has a particular interest in cultural reviews that highlight team relations and help to improve team dynamics.

Brian is an accomplished corporate trainer with a strong belief in training that is practical, engaging and student-centred, allowing participants to directly apply their new skills on the job.

As a lawyer, Brian has a passion for bringing people together and helping to resolve clients’ legal disputes. His approach balances the need to take firm positions where appropriate with a creative search for common ground.

B.A. History and Economics: Queen’s University, J.D. University of Toronto, practicing law since 2010


Brian has conducted workplace investigations and cultural reviews in various sectors including municipalities, fire services, non-profits, financial services firms, and higher education.

Brian is an accomplished speaker and trainer. He regularly receives positive feedback on his training facilitation skills (although he, too, is always learning!), and was recently told that one of his sessions was “the most practical course … I’ve ever taken so far in my career.”

Brian’s legal practice focuses on giving proactive strategic advice that helps clients avoid legal disputes, and where such disputes do arise, he has had considerable success achieving favourable resolutions for his clients.


Brian’s parents are lawyers, and Brian grew up hearing about legal issues around the dinner table. Some of those discussions must have become ingrained, because not only did Brian insist on going to a summer day camp that involved a mock criminal trial, but he also became the first child in camp history to file an appeal. In his first summer job, Brian saw how employment laws touched his daily life, eventually guiding him toward a career in human resource law.

An interesting tidbit

Brian is an avid swing dancer, and he can often be found gliding across a sprung wood floor to the jazz music of the 1930s and 40s. Managing an 11-member volunteer board as president of a local swing dance organization has given Brian insights into human resources challenges faced by his clients.



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