Who we are

We are a team of lawyers, HR professionals, mediators and workplace investigators devoted to creating psychologically safe, respectful, and productive workplaces.

We help minimize the risk of legal liability and help transform workplaces to ensure that they are positive and productive

Professional Staff Support Staff

Lauren Bernardi

Managing Partner

Alison Renton

Lawyer & HR Advisor

Brian Gottheil

Director of Training and Transformation

Suhaib Ibrahim

Lawyer & HR Advisor

Sreya Roy

Lawyer & HR Advisor

Ugo Oparah

Lawyer & HR Advisor

Hazem Mossa

Lawyer & HR Advisor

Tino Perruzza

Lawyer & HR Advisor

Patrick Fradley-Davis

Investigator & Trainer

Jane Kilpatrick

Investigator, Trainer & Coach

Shari Martin

Investigator & Trainer

Marni Johnson

Trainer, Coach & Mediator

Katie Dunn

Paralegal and Certified Workplace Investigator

Elisabeth Folk

Firm Director

Maria Saravo

Accounting Clerk

Becky Seath

Manager of Training & Marketing

Chloe Francis

Instructional Designer

Jane Rubbra

Senior Legal/Executive Assistant

Lisa Croft

Legal Assistant

Maggie Towle

Legal Assistant

Yvonne Birch

Legal Assistant

Eichelle Archer

Legal Assistant

Nancy Padacz

Administrative Assistant

Antonette Germanese

Training Administrative Assistant

Hannah Tarr

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Intern

Abigail Knubley

Law Student


Director of Stress Relief

“Really great job. I can see myself using a lot of your advice on my first

Workplace Investigations

“This course was great! Very much appreciated the real-life examples and
practical application of knowledge.”

Workplace Investigations

“Presenter was amazing and one of the best I’ve seen. “

Respect/Harassment Awareness