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Uwa Asebhota

Legal Assistant

PhilosophyIn a word: Unique

Armed with precision and a meticulous eye, Uwa navigates the intricacies of documents and processes. She is committed to maintaining high standards and making legal matters clear and efficient. Her goal is to make the complexities of the legal system more accessible and understandable for everyone involved.

LL.B: University of Benin

An interesting tidbit

Uwa loves to randomly sing and dance when she’s happy and it sometimes catches people off guard. So, if you ever see her belting out a tune, know she’s in an incredibly good mood.


Uwa has always loved a good challenge. She thrives on being the very best version of herself and this has caused her to embrace all of life’s quirks. Discovering the beauty of law was a happy accident, one she grabbed with both hands at age 16 and has never let go of ever since. She hopes to one day leave her mark in the field by making a huge difference for women in the workplace.



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