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Lisa Watson

Director of Talent and Professional Development

PhilosophyIn a word: Collaborative

Development is not a one-time event; it is an ongoing journey of discovery, learning, and improvement.

Lisa is dedicated to supporting each Bernardi team member throughout their career journey. She believes that by providing the right balance of nurturing, guidance, and autonomy, everyone can maximize both their contribution to the firm and their own professional growth.

Lisa studied Human Resources Management at Toronto Metropolitan University and has completed the Management Excellence program at the Harvard Business School. Her extensive experience in HR leadership roles across various industries, including biotech, CPG, fashion, and retail, equips her with the critical knowledge and skills to foster the growth of our talented professionals.

An interesting tidbit

High tech workweeks give way to low-tech weekends off the grid at Lisa’s island cottage retreat where she recharges and seeks energy from nature far from the bustle of the city she calls home.


Lisa’s exposure to different leadership styles and workplaces throughout various stages of growth and development sparked her curiosity in enhancing employee experiences, whether in startups or well-established businesses. Her involvement in tackling a wide range of workplace issues solidified her passion for creating psychologically safe work environments, right here at Bernardi.



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