The Inclusive Workplace Series

A seven-part series, dedicated to creating inclusive and psychologically safe workplaces.

About the Inclusive Workplace Series

We are thrilled to present our exclusive complimentary seven-part Inclusive Workplace Series, dedicated to
creating inclusive and psychologically safe workplaces.


The urgency of inclusivity has never been more apparent, with polarizing social climates
affecting individuals, workplaces, and broader society. Achieving inclusion in an increasingly
hostile world can feel daunting, but we believe it’s attainable. And employers are uniquely
positioned to help bring the temperature down.


While there are more topics for us to cover in the months ahead, we’re shining a light on
some of the issues needing immediate attention. Watch for more to come.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of positive change where we’ll empower
you with actionable insights, practical solutions, and a fresh perspective on fostering inclusivity.


Click the titles below for more information and to register.



Module 1 – Oct. 4

Fostering a Psychologically Safe Workplace for Queer and Trans Employees


Module 2 – Nov. 15

Promoting Employee Mental Health in a World on Fire


Module 3 – Dec. 6

How and When to Discuss Divisive Issues in the Workplace


Module 4 – Jan. 17

Addressing Antisemitism and Islamophobia in the Workplace


Module 5 – Feb. 7

Understanding Intersectionality and Balancing Competing Rights



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